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Samsung Galaxy A51 full review in English

Samsung Galaxy A51 full review in English This is the Samsung Galaxy A 51, the company's answer to the mid range smartphone market in 2020. Now, if you recall last year, right about the same time, I got the chance to check out the galaxy 850, which was this phone's processor. It had a beautiful display.  The battery life was also really good. And most importantly, it was priced at $350. In some cases, you were able to pick it up for $300, which was a steal, in my opinion. In fact, the 850 was one of the top selling smartphones around the world, competing against Apple's iPhones that conveys a strong message. Most people just don't care about having the fastest flagship smartphone, because, you know, they just want something basic.  They don't want a million features that brands use as marketing points. to sell their thousand dollar phones, the launch price of the 851 is $399. So it's a $50 Premium compared to the galaxy 50 when it was launched, but these phones
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HP Pavilion 15 review in English

HP Pavilion 15 laptop full review in English  HP pavilion 15 Hi I'm good on technology mag COMM The HP Pavilion 15 to 15.6 inch laptop, the full HD IPS touchscreen, a 512 gigabyte fast SSD ryzen five 3500 new processor and eight gigabytes of RAM. There are other models in the range this one offers a good balance between performance and price is currently around 550 pounds or $600. But check the links below for the latest prices. It's not the flashiest laptop, it's predominantly plastic. There's no 360 degree hinge and it's not super lightweight, but it's fast enough to run pretty much anything I can even handle some light gaming is integrated fader eight graphics. Could this be the perfect around laptop for most of us? Let's find out. Inside the box you get the laptop itself a 45 watt charger and a quickstart guide. You can download a full user guide from HP I'll link to below. The left side of the laptop has a full size HDMI port an

Acer Nitro 5 review

Acer Nitro 5 laptop review  Acer nitro 5 This is the Acer natural five. It's a serious entry level 15 inch gaming laptop. And it's targeted towards gamers who are looking for the best specs without breaking the bank. In fact, it's cheaper than the famous Helios 300 lineup.  And it competes directly with MSI is Bravo 15 and del g 515 s E. Now, I'm typically not really excited about budget gaming Lobos or haven't been excited lately because I took a look at the MSI Bravo 15 and the del g 515. Se, those laptops had some serious issues and I just couldn't recommend them entirely. But there are a lot of great things to like about this laptop, and that's because it's got an RT x 2016.  And it only costs about $1,000 which is actually a really good deal in my opinion. The build quality is also really good for the price of surprised by a lot of factors. But given that it still has a lot of great specs, there are certain things that you need to

Keyword research tutorial for seo

Keyword Research tutorial For SEO keyword research for SEO, is it actually possible to get traffic to a brand new website by simply being smart about how we carry out your keyword research? In this article, I'm going to show you how I get anywhere from two and a half to 4000 page views a day, from free organic Google SEO traffic to my simple niche blog.  Let's jumpstraight into my Google Analytics account theses, the website which I started in April 2019. And I've been able to grow this website since April 2019. Over the past 12 months to get thousands of pageviews per day we're currently running anywhere from two and a half thousand to approximately 4000 pageviews. Every single day you see a couple of abnormalities. It was a very quiet period during Christmas, then very busy period just after New Year's Eve when everyone wanted to get healthy and all the new year's resolution and then have a bit of a dip because of the Coronavirus.  But in gene

iphone 11 full review

iphone 11 full review iphone 11 Now the first thing overall that's great about it is its build quality. It's still the same as basically a xR for example, it's aluminum around the outside edge, and then you've gotten glass front and back and Apple has increased the build quality and increase the strength of the glass, it seems I don't have any sharp edges around the outside. It just feels good overall, and I think they've improved it a little bit. Now the difference between this and the XR is the back glass, they moved the Apple logo for one they've moved it to the center. And I think that was supposed to be for reverse wireless charging for the air pods, for example. Because people that have torn the phone apart, say all the hardware is there, they just didn't turn it on. So maybe we'll see it later. Not really But the Apple is in the middle maybe to represent that we don't really know since Apple didn't do this. However, the ba

iphone 11 Pro full review

iPhone 11 Pro full review iPhone 11 Pro Welcome to the review of the iPhone 11 Pro. Right off the bat I don't really agree with the names I don't think there's enough pro about these phones that could have been to warrant putting pro in the name. But the names don't really matter. What does matter is these are the highest end phones that Apple makes right now in 2019. The truth is these are mostly pretty familiar phones to last year, which was also pretty familiar to the year before, but you already knew that what's new is Apple is really focused on four major things for this new iPhone. So the design, barely the new display, slight upgrade the battery life major These new cameras so the design does grow on you not gonna lie. We saw those renders in the models and nobody thought they're pretty including me. But as usual, getting them in your hand and actually looking at them in person is a different thing. And it doesn't look horrible. I