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10 New ways to make money on FIVERR with NO Special Skills, 10+ free tools 2020-knowledge point

10 NEW Ways to Make Money on FIVERR with NO Special Skills Using 10+ Free Tools (2020) 

Welcome to my website guys... 

Hey guys,

it's fresh from influencer chain and today, I finally bring you another updated fiverr compilation with 10 new gigs pretty much anyone can do, and more than 10 free tools to help make things a lot easier.

And if you're interested in freelancing on Fiverr, be sure to watch the entire video for all the gig ideas you can consider doing. Since as a fiverr seller, you can list up to seven gigs at the same time to start with plus in the description box. I also link up my other video covering 20 additional easy Fiverr gigs and over 20 free tools.
So be sure to watch that video after this one.

So getting right to the first Fiverr gig and I show you today,
plus several free tools you can use to do it. We have domain research, which is coming up with website URLs for people, and it's listed under the digital marketing category on Fiverr. And if you just take a look at some of these gigs right here, all you really need to do is provide some domain name ideas that are also available because sometimes domain names when they overlap, you can't create the exact same one right so what a person does here, or a seller does here is they find ones that are still available.

And also works for a given business. And if you look more closely at some of the gigs here, like this one with a guy on the far left,
as well as this one, on the far right,
we can see that first of all, this person here is charging $25 for five or six SEO friendly domain suggestions, meaning the URLs should not only be available, but they should also contain relatively memorable words, which are actually quite easy to come up with, as I show you very soon.

And similarly, this guy right here is also charging $25 for a bundle of five domain names that fit a project or business or whatever they need. And all you really need to do for these types of gigs is, again, how do your clients tell you what type of project or business idea or whatever type of domain they need, in whatever niche and then you can just use the tools I'm about to show you to generate ideas for them. And the first of these is actually going to be a domain name checker right over on my website, which I assure you is accurate because I actually have access to this tool by being an affiliate of Bluehost, which is also the web hosting service I use, which comes loaded with WordPress for building websites.

And this tool is actually hosted on my tutorial for building websites. I'll link up the page below for your convenience. But anyway, the way you would use this is by simply typing in any domain name you want. By the way, you need to scroll down to the tool here, whoops, the tool right here.

And then after you type in any domain name, you'll be able to check whether or not it's currently available. By the way, if you're using Google Chrome and have ad blocker installed, you'll have to actually turn it off for this tool to be able to work so anyway for example, if I just search up a domain name such as my own influencer and chain comm and click on check availability, this should indicate that it's not available right as you can see, it says influencer and chain comm is taken, please try again. Because that is my domain name. And that's for how you can actually get good ideas for domain names. If you want, you can first go over to Google Trends to find out what might actually be trending the most lately, for example, The Last of Us, which is a video game has just released. And as you can see on the graph, it's really popular lately. And perhaps another more helpful free tool to generate some
to actually generate some names
is Shopify, his very own business name generator.

And to use it, you can simply scroll down here to this blank space and enter whatever niche product idea, brand name, whatever, to generate some names related to it. So for example, I can type in something like taco and say, your client wants to open up a website for taco store or taco truck, I can just hit generate names here. And once some of these ideas have been generated, and as you can see, there are actually a lot here, and I think they're actually quite decent. But it's no guarantee that all these have not already been taken as a domain name, right?

So what you want to do is, for example, there's miracle taco, you can just copy up this name And then go over to my website here and just punch it into the domain name checker to see whether it's available, right? So I can do miracle taco, and hit check availability. And let's see, this one is actually available. So this could actually work as one of the ideas to give to your client.

And that was the first
Fiverr gig I want to
show you, which was domain name suggestions.
So moving forward to the second gig
out of 10.
We have mock ups,
which is essentially product images, such as of T shirts and boxes
that have a specific design or logo displayed on
them, generally provided by your client. For example, this seller here creates images and videos of models, wearing any t shirt design provided to them, and they charge let's say $10 for 10 pictures and 5 videos, which may sound like quite a bit of work, but it's actually not using a website made for this called place it all you need to do is to go to the mockups tab on the top left And then you can actually first select free mock ups to see what is available.

So let me just do that really quick. And then once it loads up, you can actually go over to the left hand menu here. As you can see, there's a list of different categories. And first of all you want to make sure to on the drop down selection here, just like free mock ups, okay, and then down here, you can then select the type of mock up you bought. And so for example, we have some for books, some free coffee mugs, white shirts, dark colors, I don't know if you'll need that hoodies, hats and so on and so forth. So let's see. Let's see, let's try the T shirt mock up right here. So let me just
click on it.

Alright, as you can see right here, we have a bunch of free t shirt mockup templates that you can literally just upload a design onto and even change the color of the T shirt to then download the image and give to your client right. And if I just scroll through here, as you can see, there are a lot of different templates and from Example. I'm just going to open up this one here to demonstrate it really quick.

So, right here, I need to wait for it to load. All right, and as you can see, this is actually quite customizable, because over on the left here, you can even add text, you can upload your own designs or logos. And on the right you can also even add from their graphic pool and I'm changed the shirt color as well. So for instance, I can change my shirt color to like Navy or dark blue. Let's make it dark rashly. And then I'm going to select one of my images that I've already created for some of my own t shirt merge, by the way, merge store link down below. And here once I have it uploaded, I can actually adjust it as well make it larger or smaller, move it around, and then hit crop. And as you can see here, it'll show up right on the shirt once it finishes loading

wait for it. Wait for it.
There it is, voila. And once you're satisfied with your mock up, you can then scroll up to the top to download it for free by clicking on the link right here, provided you're actually using one of their free templates. So as you can see, I need to hit download again. And if you haven't logged in already, you got to log in as well. By the way, you can create an account completely for free.

And besides just having images as templates like these plates, it also provides lots of free video templates as well. By the way, several of these mock ups have actually used for my own merch store. And I can actually show you over on my Instagram page, by the way, follow me on Instagram because I actually share stuff that I don't do on YouTube. But anyway, here on the right here is a carousel post as you can see, and this mock up was actually made completely on place it for free. Say for the T shirt design itself, which I got made for me on Fiverr. But if I just scroll through this, there's even a video here so I can actually play this mock up video for you to see. Check this out. This is pretty cool, right?

It looks super natural and professional. This is also made on place it obviously. And if I just scroll through here a couple more of my different designs using different templates in although I've only used free templates here, if you actually need more templates for your Fiverr gig, let's say if you want to offer a higher tier package with say 20 to 30, mock ups and charge more, you can also consider mixing in some of the paid mock ups, or actually just subscribe to place it for a low monthly fee to expand your repertoire that much more. And also just use a small portion of what you earn from Fiverr anyway to
cover the cost,
and that was mock up design or gig number two. And so moving on to gig number three is technically not one gig, but rather a collection of design gigs, many of which share or use similar tools. So I've actually decided to group them together and also point out some of the newer options that have come out on fire.

The first of these as you can see under graphics and design, and then packaging and labels, and it's also labeled as new we have album cover design, and this can actually be done over on place it as well. For example, if I hit to the designs link here and then click on tree designs, then filtered by album cover maker. Here we have a bunch of free templates, you can also edit and use as any of your album design. So for example,
if I just open up
this one here called Kenya
east, kind of a funny name.

Again, here you can customize the text and change your font and colors. And then on the right, you can also select different icons, you may want to add to your album cover, as well as change the background color and then you can also choose from one of their royalty free images to use as the background image.

Or you can just get a picture or photograph from your client to upload onto this template. And notice how there is currently a watermark on this image. But rest assured when you actually download it the watermark will indeed be removed. And that was album cover design, which is kind of a new thing on Fiverr.

And it looks like people have been charging pretty good amounts for them as well. But moving on to the next type of design gig. Still on number three, though, because again, I've decided to group them together, we actually have all sorts of so called print designs, as they're called on Fiverr with gigs ranging from flyer design, to brochure design, to menu design, and even yard signs. And for making these, my top recommendation is going to be And I've actually been using Canva pro myself for various things. And you can actually try it for free for not one but two months.

And I also leave my affiliate link below for just the free version of Canva for you to sign up. But you actually also come with a special bonus for each time you create a design. Well both get awarded one Canva credit we can use toward paid designs, which is indeed a win win situation. Anyway how you would normally do these designs is your client will usually provide you with Say a list of menu
items or a guest list,
or whatever they need, then all you need to do is add in those lists into the respective templates, reformat them a little bit to fill out a page, and possibly change some of the images as well, which is very easy to do with Canva Pro, because it's got tons of images ready for you to use.

And with Pro, you'll get access to all the different templates as well, not just the free ones. And even if you want to stay a free user on Canva, that's perfectly fine. And if you want to also get even more options to design with crystal calm is a competitor to Canva. And then Adobe Spark is another website.

And again, place it they all come with additional free templates and assets you can use alongside those on Canva.

And for yet another design game that I want to point out. One that's always going to be high in demand is t shirt design, which along with the aforementioned platforms, you can also utilize a website called at creative Fabrica recommended by Teespring themselves to get some of their free merch And t shirt designs and daily gifts that rotate in and out. And they also come with commercial licenses.

Moving forward onto gig number four, we have
another one that's been newly added onto Fiverr. And it is article to video, which is converting blog articles into slideshow videos that have clips that match the text, as well as a voiceover if needed. And there are a couple of ways I want to show you that you can use to create these types of videos.

First, you can simply use a browser based software called vid Nami to literally copy and paste in articles or paragraphs or clients provide, then have it literally auto generate a slideshow video for you with a voiceover and with commercial rights. Now, vid Nami is not free but it's definitely tremendously helpful. You want to create these types of videos not only for fiverr freelancing, but you can also use it to make videos through your own YouTube channel, but you can then make money from
and for demonstration and
tutorial a bit Nami and to see how easy to use and powerful it is.

You can also make slideshow videos using a basic video editor, such as one that might have been preloaded with your computer like iMovie for Macs and Windows Movie Maker. Then download the relevant royalty free video clips from texels comm adding the text if needed using your editor, then either provide your own voiceovers or pay somebody to do it for you or just have your friend do it for you. Or you can also use a free voice over generators such as from speech to text calm, although the voice that comes out Likely isn't going to sound as natural. And with that, leading into our fifth gig, we have a category that is somewhat related, which is explainer videos,

including slideshow videos which you can also use vid Nami for, and there are also animated explainer videos such as Whiteboard Videos, which can generally charge a lot more for and to create these Whiteboard Animation videos. There are a few software's you can consider online. But one of the most popular ones which I personally use before as well for YouTube is called video scribe. And I also included a link to my tutorial for it and it has tips in box below. And if you're interested, you can first sign up for video scribes free trial to test it out and learn. Then as somebody purchases your gig, you can then use what you earn to cover for the cost of video scribe. And those are gigs four through five which entail creating various types of videos.

And moving on to gig number six. We have survey and form creation and actually performing surveys First, you can actually just design a form very easily and for free using Google Forms, which also comes with built in templates such as this one here, on which you can just add any type of question or field you want, using this toolbar on the right. And if you want, you can actually command even higher prices by not only creating forms for your clients, but also administering their surveys as well. And for this, if you don't normally have people you can send your surveys to, you can also take to micro testing sites like my coworker, as well as rapid worker to get people to fill them out and just pay them a few cents each.

Onto gig number seven, we actually have a new category on Fiverr, which is social media advertising, under digital marketing. And what you actually do for this is basically help people set up various ads such as Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Google ads, etc. And the great thing about this is that most of the ad platforms actually provide free training and sometimes even actual certification for running ads. For example, we've got Facebook here we've got the Facebook for business Learning Center.

And then for Google, we have a Google skill shop with Google ads and where you can also get certified, as well. As for Microsoft, we have the Microsoft advertising Learning Lab, or you can also get certified as a Microsoft advertising professional. Plus, I also have a tutorial for setting up a facebook pixel, which is crucial for tracking people who visit a website for one to be able to retarget them with ads, and I'll link this video in the description box as well.

Going on to number eight, we have email marketing, which can actually entail a lot of different things from helping people get set up on a given email platform such as MailChimp, or providing them with email marketing templates to doing copywriting. But like with social media ads, I also think that email marketing is fairly easy to learn, especially with all the tutorials and templates provided right to you, friend most of these email marketing platforms that you yourself can sign Not for. And for example, on get response, which is what I use, you're not only get optimized email templates for various purposes that you can use for your clients.

But it also comes with pre built email marketing funnel templates that you can actually save and download as templates for your clients to re upload. And like with many of the other methods I've shared, I also have a step by step tutorial on get response that are linked in my description, along with a signup link you can use if you're interested. And that was email marketing at number eight. And going on to number nine is research and summaries for which you can actually help people conduct research on any given topic, and provide some

citations for them. And a website that is deceptively good for this is actually Google itself, but not just a normal Google search, but rather Google's advanced search for finding actually credible sources and or academic research. And a trick to doing this is down over by the domain box right here. You type for educational websites. for government websites like I've done here, or dot o RG for organizations, all of which will generally give you legitimate sources which are safely or you can safely cite for a given topic. And for example, here I've typed in search, social distancing, and

And I can just hit Advanced Search. And as you can see here, besides the ad at the top, all the websites that have come up are government websites, including the CDC, which is the Center for Disease Control, which is definitely a legitimate source. And this is another one from the CDC and so on and so forth. So you can generally safely quote and get accurate research from these types of websites. And finally, going on to the last gig at number 10.

We have ebook creation, which can be very easily done and can be very profitable indeed, if you just use a software called scribble to generate and format ebooks pretty much in a few clicks, with even the contents created automatically for you from there.

Whew. Oracle database. Therefore, I definitely recommend scribble, especially if you also want to use ebooks to make money elsewhere, such as selling them, or using them as lead magnets to build your email list. Alternatively, if you're a good writer, you can also design ebooks using

And perhaps combine that with Google Docs, which are both free. But I would still recommend to at least take a look at scribble, which also link in the description box for your convenience. And that was 10 Fiverr gigs plus over 10 tools you can learn and master fairly easily, but because they would still generally be considered as active income.

Anyway, thank you so much for reading.
I'll see you in In the next article, if you have any questions or suggestions please comment me. 


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