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5 best websites for Copyright free Music for YouTube

hi guys,
here are 5 best website for Copywrite free music for YouTube videos

Today I tell you 5 best Royalty free music sites 
Finding the right music for your YouTube videos is honestly super stressful and takes forever I often worry if the song that
I'm using is going to give me a strike on my channel or get it to monetize and then it always takes me so long to go through

YouTube and try and find something that fits my video or if you're looking into a membership sites sometimes they just cost way too much money so in this video I'm going to share with you five places to get copyright free music for your YouTube videos for zero dollars.

You got to just press record Hey, my name is Nolan molt with Think Media and I'm excited to get into this video.
So let's jump right into it. The first place to get music from is a channel on YouTube called vlog no copyright music.
It's great for vlogs it's great for travel videos and really any kind of video that is going to have more of a higher energy

The best thing about this channel besides the fact that they have really cool, awesome music is that in their description, they have a download link. Now I love this because a lot of those sites where you can take audio from a YouTube video are just super sketchy and I do not like using them.

So if you like their song, you can just go to their description hit the download link and download the song on a safe and secure website. Another great thing about this channel is that every single day they release a new song so you can constantly look their new songs and then add them to maybe a private playlist and save them for later but there's always new music coming out number two is called audio library music for content creators.
Thank you
fight with you.
So they have a bunch of music coming out that you can listen to for your videos. They also have a download link in their descriptions where you can go to a safe and secure website, download the music straight onto your computer. Now the best thing about this channel is that they have so many playlists, which makes it really easy to find the right song that you're looking for. They have playlists with vocals, or they have playlists that have songs without vocals and then they have playlists that are sorted by different moods, different genres. And it's like a professional website that you would pay for and they have it all nicely organized within their playlists on their YouTube channel.
Number three is a channel on YouTube called hero Music for creators.
This channel doesn't really post music anymore but they have a pretty good library of really cool electronic and house type of music so fun.
They also have some really cool lo fi hip hop music as well as some cinematic music. So this channel definitely stands out because their music is in one niche and it has really high quality music within that niche. Now notice on the channel, some of the songs do have download links, but they weren't working so you are going to need one of those websites to convert a YouTube video into an mp3 d3 file number four on the list is a YouTube channel called no copyright sounds. They post about three to four times a week, but they have really, really cool high quality music that you would not expect to be for free.
I feel like this channel kind of specializes in songs with singers and so they have some really cool songs with vocalists that are just amazing and they sound super professional. Now, it's not super wide variety, but they do have a good variety and like the gaming music, trap house, dubstep, they have playlists for all those and so you can check that out in their playlist section on their YouTube channel. I want to take it on the seascape by Nathan when it gets in my way you go and record on twice, this break.
Before we get to number five, like this video and comment down below, where do you like to get your music for your videos number five on the list is called chill out records and like the YouTube channel name says it's a bit more chilled and it still has a hip hop type of vibe as well as another artist that is frequently on the channel and then Mike Mineo and he has some really cool acoustic vibey singing type of songs.
But like the name says this is a bit more chilled out and so this is going to be good for someone who does talking head videos like this or they just want some chill music in their YouTube videos or even gaming videos. If you want some background music in there. This is a great channel to check out.
Now a quick bonus tip for you guys is to check the YouTube Audio Library. So actually has a library of songs that are able to be monetized on your channel that you can use for absolutely free and they have some sound effects on there as well. Now, I don't think these songs are like the best high quality stuff, but depending on the video you're making, you might find something there that's gonna work for your video, and it's absolutely free.

So you might as well check that out as well. Now if you're interested in investing some money into a membership site,
I'll walk you through the five best music membership sites. So check that out if you're interested and I'll see you in the next article.

If you have any suggestions please comment me


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