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Top 10 Best place to visit in Germany

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Today i tell you top 10 most beautifull places in Germany.

Best known for its famous Oktoberfest and World War Two history Germany is also home to some of Europe's most beautiful scenery, fairy tale castles, important historic sites and lively party scenes. Located in the heart of Europe, Germany maintains the continents most powerful economy an overview of the best places to visit Germany.

1- Rugen Island Located in the Baltic Sea, Rugen Island is the largest island in Germany connected to the mainland by the Rugen group.Dragan causeway. Charming villas, romantic seaside resorts and beautiful beaches all draw tourists to Rugen Island but the star attraction is the jasmine National Park, famous for its unique chalk hips rising 528 feet 161 meters over the sea. Another notable feature of Rugen Island escape bar going out. He's Germany's northernmost tip, where tourists can visit a node lighthouse, remnants of a slab a castle and a picturesque fishing village.

2- Leipzig The largest city in Germany's federal state of Saxony, Leipzig is known for its vibrant arts and culture scene shaped by famous music composers like Richard Wagner and Felix Mendelssohn. Tourists today can enjoy performances of  Bach's music at the St. Thomas church where Bob wants to serve this choir leader and is now buried. In addition to historic sites like the old town hall, the city boasts several impressive structures such as the Napoleonic monument to the Battle of the nations and rights direct. The former High Courts have the right one of Europe's largest town squares. The agashe toss Platts is situated at the Central Campus Germany's second oldest university.
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3- Cologne Situated on the Rhine River in the German Federal State of North Rhine Westphalia, cologne is one of the most popular places to visit in Germany. The city offers a vibrant array of attractions, buzzing nightlife, and a stellar arts and culture scene alone also packs impressive landmarks such as the city's informal symbol, the Cologne Cathedral, a stunning Gothic church
Moreover, the 12 Romanesque churches are magnificent examples of medieval architecture.

4- Romantic Rhine Stretching between the cities of Benjen and Bonn, Germany, the middle Rhine flows through a dramatic geological formation called the Rhine gorge. This region features a spectacular landscape dotted with some 40 million evil castles, picturesque villages and terrorist vineyards. The region's most famous natural attraction is the lower ally, the deepest and most narrow section of the Rhine gorge, which features a large, treacherous rock that caused several boating accidents prior to the 19th century. The best way to experience the romantic Rhine is by a riverboat cruise.

5- Lubeck As one of the largest Baltic sea ports in Germany lubeck is located in the country's northern most state schleswig-holstein, founded in 1143 lubeck served for several centuries as the capital seat of the Hanseatic League. Although it was the first German city to be bombed and damaged during World War Two lubeck still retains much of its medieval architecture, making it a popular tourist destination. Walk through the narrow streets of the alt tab offers views of historic sites like the stunning Cathedral, the 12th century Town Hall and the old city gates of which the whole center is the most thing

6- Dresden Before it was severely damaged from World War Two bombings, Dresden was known as the jewel box because of its lavish collection of stunning art and architecture. After many years, the city has restored much of its former glory. The capital of the federal state of Saxony. Dresden offers a number of historic sites like the stunning Fram kerchief Catedral The city also boasts many cultural institutions of which the Semper opera is most widely esteem.

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7- Nueschwanstein The most photographed building in Germany and the swamp Stein castle is also one of Europe's most popular tourist destinations, nestled among the breathtaking beauty of the Bavarian Alps near the town of fosse
This fairytale castle served as the inspiration behind Walt Disney's Sleeping Beauty castle. Constructed in the late 1800s. New Swan Stein castle was never built for defense purposes as most castles. Instead, this castle was created as a fanciful retreat King Ludwig the second of Bavaria, who had a reputation for abiding and daydreams instead of reality.

8- Heidelberg With historic treasures like the medieval Old Bridge, the Heidelberg Castle, the Church of the Holy Spirit and the Knights St. George house, it is no wonder that Heidelberg is a popular tourist attraction. The city center is Main Street pops This is packed with pubs, restaurants, museums, art galleries, shops and markets selling the likes of fear Stein's cuckoo clocks and German sausages, home to Germany's oldest university
Heidelberg is long academic history can be traced along the philosopher's walk, a scenic footpath often locked by many earlier philosophers and professors.

9- Berlin of federal state and the capital city of Germany. Berlin is widely associated with its world war two history and former division of East and West Germany by the Berlin Wall during the Cold War. Since the fall of the historic wall in 1989. Berlin today is now a vast, unified city, diverse and ethnic groups and abundant in sightseeing attractions, culture and nightlife. many tourists are drawn to Berlin's famous historic structures, which includes the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag. Although most of the Berlin Wall was demolished, there are some portions still standing near a Checkpoint Charlie and right side
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10- Munich Best known as the origin of the world famous Oktoberfest, in Munich is one of the best places to visit in Germany with a great culture scene is home to several sophisticated opera houses and theaters like the National Theatre. The city center is an attractive blend of classic and modern architecture, teaming and historic churches, medieval walls and royal palaces as well as bustling shopping centers and nightlife Venice. Munich saw Oktoberfest that began in 1810 with the royal wedding celebration. Today, this famous beer festival draws millions of visitors every year to take part and the revelry that involves several gigantic beer tents, delicious Bavarian food and millions of litres of beer.


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