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How to get work on Fiverr

5 Hacks to Present Your Projects on Fiverr

Here are 5 useful hacks to beat competitors for your offers and on Fiverr.

  1.  Provide your service at the lowest price that still allows you a profit.  Everybody wants a bargain for their outsourced work, but you’re not providing your services out of the goodness of your heart.

  1. Provide service as quickly as possible, as the person you are working for has their own deadline for the completion of the project.  Something to remember: deliver more than you promise.

  1. Show prospective clients your experience related the request the client has posted. For example,  if he/she wants website related work show your already created websites. (You can provide the appropriate URL in your offer.)

  1. Read the request for service properly and send your offer description exactly as requested without mentioning your expertise in other areas.

  1. Offer a money back guarantee along with  something extra in your offer description.

 I advise you to send offers to only those requests which you know you can complete, should the order be cancelled.  The new Fiverr Demotion Level can hurt your Level of Fiverr Account.

If you have any question, ask me in the comment box.


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