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iphone 11 full review

iphone 11 full review

iphone 11 purplar colour, iphone 11 full review in English
iphone 11

Now the first thing overall that's great about it is its build quality. It's still the same as basically a xR for example, it's aluminum around the outside edge, and then you've gotten glass front and back and Apple has increased the build quality and increase the strength of the glass, it seems I don't have any sharp edges around the outside.

It just feels good overall, and I think they've improved it a little bit. Now the difference between this and the XR is the back glass, they moved the Apple logo for one they've moved it to the center. And I think that was supposed to be for reverse wireless charging for the air pods, for example. Because people that have torn the phone apart, say all the hardware is there, they just didn't turn it on.

So maybe we'll see it later. Not really But the Apple is in the middle maybe to represent that we don't really know since Apple didn't do this. However, the back glass is really nice. It's interesting because you've got a camera bump here, but it's all one piece of glass. So it's shiny here with a matte finish on the camera area. It's reverse of the iPhone 11 Pro and pro max.

So there's his mat on the back and glossy around the camera bump. It's just a small differentiating factor. Now overall, the feel of it is good. It's the same 6.1 inch display that we had on the iPhone xR. And some people may not like this, but it's the same resolution However, it's the same pixel density of 326 pixels per inch and that means you can't really see the pixels. In fact, that's higher than you get with an iPad Pro, for example. So despite the resolution being under 10 ATP, you can still watch 10 ATP YouTube videos it just scales accordingly to the screen size.

If I was to put this side by side with an iPhone Xs Max, which I have done many times or an 11 promax. Most people can't tell the difference with the exception of the brightness of it, and the very dark blacks on the screen. So when the screen is actually dark, or black in an area, it's turning off pixels on the pro devices, whereas on this the screen, it's not doing that.

So I think for most people, most people didn't complain about the XR unless you're into specs and technology and things like that. But overall, you can't see the pixels. It looks good. It's not as bright as an OLED display that you get on the pro devices. But you get one major advantage with this over the pro in that is it doesn't have p Ws or pulse width modulation. And that's the way an OLED display on the pro devices actually manages the brightness.

So it has to flicker the display faster and faster to manage brightness and an LCD like the XR does not have that. So if you feel nauseous or nauseated by looking at one of those displays on an iPhone 1010 s Xs Max 11 pro or less Pro Max, you're not going to experience that here because this is more similar to an iPhone eight or eight plus, for example. So I think that might be really good for a lot of people. Now one in 10 people have issues with pw m, or flicker and I'm one of them and I have zero issues with this phone. So that part I really appreciate.

Now the next thing is the speed of this phone. The speed is really good. In fact, it's got the same processor as the pro devices, so you're not really compromising there. It's super fast, it's fluid all of the time. I've had no slowdowns whatsoever and opening apps and scrolling. Anything you're doing just feels fast and fluid. I've had no issues running the the public releases of iOS so if you're on one of the betas maybe you'll have some issues, but running the public versions I had none whatsoever.

And that leads me over to the cameras. This year's cameras are greatly improved over last years. And in fact we have two of the same cameras we get on the pro we have a wide and an ultra wide and we lose the telephoto but You can zoom in and it's still pretty clear overall. And I'll show you some of those photos in just a moment but they're new 12 megapixel sensors that are capable of not only great photo and video but also really low light photography. So I've put all of that together in a separate part part of this video so you can take a look at it here.

Record recording video with the regular one x camera and it is stabilized Just like on the 11 Pro and pro Max, so it's actually really nice stable footage as I walk along here. If I switch to the ultra wide, it's not stabilized, but it's pretty stable because it's so wide. So let me show you what I mean. Now I'm using the ultra wide camera. And while this is not stabilized, because it's so wide, it gives it more of a stabilized look. But if you wanted to walk along with the camera, I would use the One X since it's stabilized optically. Now with the camera, we have a couple new options, we have this arrow and this only appears on the 11 and the 11 Pro devices, we hit the little arrow and we've got some options here on the right, and so we can switch between four three or 16 nine.

This is great for maybe taking a thumbnail for YouTube. That's what I use it for. Go back to four three, and then you can see we have flash or night mode and night mode is only going to show up if you're in an environment where it could be used properly. So you can hit this you'll see it on the left next to your flash, and then you can adjust the actual exposure Your time and if it's on a tripod, the iPhone actually senses that and will allow you to adjust it accordingly. Now right now it's only giving giving us one second, but we'll change that in a moment, but you can back out to a wide angle camera, you'll see we can go wide here, and you'll see even part of the tripod that this phone is on. Or we can go back to one x, we can zoom digitally, but it's not as good as if we have the optical zoom on the probe.

Let me show you what this can do though when it's in night mode. Now the only light in the room is from a couple of LEDs and the screens of the iPhone that I'm recording. So let's go ahead and go to night mode here. And we can turn the exposure time up to 30 seconds. There's a max of 28 to 30 seconds, we'll hit the button. And we'll take the photo and you'll watch it slowly expose.

It's pretty interesting to watch this and you'll see it's got 17 seconds left. It's going to expose the image overall. Now, when it's this dark, you can't really focus on anything but this gives you a an idea of what it can do. And it's really impressive as far as being able to gather light because of those boxes of the iPhone that were in the background. I can't even see them now in this current light. So let's go ahead and wait for it to finish, we'll tap on the photo.

And there you can see, it even was able to make out the name iPhone, you can barely read it. But you can see the box of the iPhone 11 Pro in the background and make out some of what was going on. So it's pretty impressive. It's better at night with maybe a starry sky or something like that. I'm recording handheld using the forward facing camera on the iPhone 11. And I'm actually using the internal mic as well. And this is the same great camera that's in the 11 Pro and pro max. You've got slow motion selfies just like you would on those devices. And there's really no compromise on the forward facing camera whatsoever. In fact, I recorded the entire 11 Pro and 11 Pro max review video using the forward facing camera anytime I'm on video so you've got the same quality You get there and depending on the sunlight, it may be even better. It's not quite as bright like today.

The other thing you can do now that you have two cameras is you can take portraits of objects where you couldn't do that before with the XR you can do that now with this camera because it's got to to sense depth. So now you can take portraits of anything from flowers to people to animals, whatever you want. It's not just limited to mostly people.

Now the next thing is battery and Apple says battery in the iPhone 11 is about an hour longer than you get with a 10 hour. However I find that most people are saying about 30 minutes or 30 to 60 not 60 and over so expect this to get you through the day, probably seven to eight hours of battery life with screen on time. And it really shouldn't be a problem for most people. You still get fast wireless charging, but you don't get a fast charger in the box.

You've still got the 5 watt charger. Now you can pick up the charger which is the same one from the iPad Pro or you can pick it up in the store for the iPhone as an additional cost but it Just kind of disappointing they didn't include it since you get all the same features that you get with the 11 Pro and pro max as far as fast charging. So if you want one of those chargers you'll have to buy it extra. Now reception has actually been quite good.

Last year we had a bunch of issues with the iPhone xR, xs and Xs Max, but I think they fixed most of most of those this year and that's due to this aluminum design maybe I'm not really sure, but it seems to be better overall just in general I have stronger signal strength, I have less drops, I also have no issues on Wi Fi. And we also get Wi Fi six with the iPhone 11 just like you do on the pro model. So if you have a Wi Fi six router, you can get faster speeds.

So if you have that I actually don't have that yet but once I do get one, it will support it and will have faster Wi Fi speed. So that'll be really nice to see. The speakers this year are pretty good. I measured about 80 decibels at their highest level, stainless steel around the outside edge. But also there's no sharp edges like there was on the tennis max for me. This was this That's pretty decent overall, and you get a nice wide stereo sound. So you've got that top speaker that projects directly at you. And then you've got the bottom speaker and those together give it a nice wide stereo sound. I think it's about the same as the XR maybe a little bit better.

But it is nice and loud. And I think it'll be great for most people if you're not using headphones or or maybe having it in your car. So when you're just on the go or have it in a room playing music, it'll be great for most people, it's pretty clear, it only gets a little bit distorted at the highest levels. Now Apple has lowered the price this year of the 11 by $50. Now I would like to see it go even a little bit lower, since a lot of people overseas have even inflated prices on top of what we have in the US. So it starts at 699 for 64 gigabytes. I think that's fine for a lot of people. I'd like to see them start at 128 for that price and maybe have the price at around $600. Since overseas it can be hundreds more, but it is $300 cheaper than the pro model.

So You are getting the same speeds, a couple of the gray cameras, and a very, very similar experience with the exception of the display as compared to the Pro. So they're very, very close and the pro does get about four hours more battery than the 11 does. So just keep that in mind if you're trying to decide is the battery life worth the extra $300 along with that OLED display. If you don't care about those things, then the iPhone 11 is the one for you. And then just keep in mind that this year, no iPhone has 3d touch, it does have haptic touch with the majority of the features that you got with 3d touch, but instead it's just a long press on the display. So you're not getting the same experience. It's very similar but it's not the same.

If you're coming from an iPhone xR, it'll be identical. So just keep those things in mind if you're trying to decide which one to get. And that's really it for the iPhone 11 there's not much more to say about it. I think it's a great phone for most people. If you really care about battery and the display. Get the pro If not, this is the one for you, you'll be happy with it overall, it's not as expensive and many times you can find it in buy one, get one free deals and things like that later in the year. So just keep your eyes out for that if you're looking for one of these, and overall, it's a much better value I think than last year, but hopefully it'll get even better in the future.

Let me know what you think about it though in the comments below. Thanks for reading. I'll see you next time.


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